Frequently asked Questions

How are the Oysters shipped?

Our Oysters are shipped USPS Priority Mail Express inside mesh bags in a temperature controlled box.

How do I store the Oysters once they arrive?

When you recieve your Oysters put them is a standard refrigerator between 35-45 degrees. Do not let your Oysters sit in water as the Oysters will attempt to 'feed' and soon thereafter die.

How long will the Oysters last?

It's important to note that your Oysters are live animals so they are good as long as they are alive. How long they live depends on how they are stored. You can depend on a week of shelf life, but Oysters can live for more than a month out of water. Good storage is a temperatrure controlled environment of 35-45 degrees.

How do I know if the Oysters are still good to eat?

When a live Oyster begins to expire, the muscle holding the shell closed relaxes, releasing the life-giving Oyster liquor and drying the animal out. So when an Oyster is dead the shell will noticeably pop open. If you open an Oyster and it's dry inside and smells noticeably 'fishy', you'll want to pass on that Oyster.

What are the Shipping and Return Policy?

Our oysters are shipped USPS Priority Mail Express. If your order is placed on a weekday prior to 12:00P the oysters should arrive the next day by 12:00P. The oysters are shipped in a temperature controlled box and should arrive at a temperature of 45 degrees or less. We are not responsible for delays in shipping caused by failures of the USPS. No returns of live shellstock is allowed. All sales are final.

What should I know about eating Raw Oysters?

Eating raw, or undercooked oysters, may cause severe illness. People with the following conditions are at especially high risk: liver disease, alcoholism, diabetes, cancer, stomach or blood disorder, or weakened immune system. Ask your doctor if you are unsure of your risk. If you eat raw, or undercooked shellfish and become sick, see a doctor immediately.