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Our Story

It started as a meeting between Captain Monty and David "Clammerhead" Cessna. Captain Monty is a USCG licensed Master Captain.  He's been roaming this chain of islands since he was a boy.  Clammerhead grew up in his family's ancestral region of Carteret County, North Carolina.  He began learning first hand from his Grandfather the many wonders of commercial fishing and mysteries surrounding shellfish and shellfish harvesting.  Captain Monty and Clammerhead collaborated to provide tours to Sandbar Oyster Company's farm in the Newport River.

Seavisions Charters and Sandbar Oyster Company are the inaugural charter members of the NC Oyster Trail.  Click the button below to see what the Coastal Review Online has to say.

​We've grown into regularly scheduled tours to Sandbar Oyster Company's farm and Seavisions Charters LLC is a North Carolina licensed Oyster dealer.  All of this because of a meeting in the middle of the Newport River. 

NC Oyster Trail
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